Top Ten Marriage ceremony foods of Bangladesh

Marriage means to tie knot of two people for whole life.  Actually marriages are not only seen as a union between a husband and a wife, but also an alliance between their respective families. In our country people celebrated marriage ceremony for several days with various religious rituals.  The rituals and process of our wedding vary on regions, Family status & preferences of the bride and groom. In the time of marriage ceremony people do lots of fun and celebrate all programs of it with extensive decoration, colors, music, and dance, foods and costume. Especially people try to arrange heavy foods for the guests.  Lots of the guests attend to the function and they give gifts and pray for the newly married couples.

10 different types of marriage ceremony foods:-

Pulao: Pulao is the most common rice of marriage and Family functions. It is our traditional food and has lots of verities. Usually in marriage function people make plain pulao for the guests. People love to eat pulao with other delicious curries. Some make kacci biriyani and morog pulao instead of plain pulao. Some add pea for making pulao more palatable. (roast)

Roast: Roast is a one of the delicious items of all time. Roast has been made by chicken. In the marriage ceremony people cook lots of chicken for their guests. People eat lots of chicken roast as much as they can. Sometimes many people take bait about how many roast pieces they can eat. It makes with various spices and curd, & that’s why it is so much tasty. But different people use different things, so taste of roast varies from one place to another. (beef meat)

Beef Meat: without Beef meat, a Muslim wedding recipe seems to be incomplete. In a marriage ceremony the bride family offers different type of beef items, like-Beef curry, Beef rezala, garlic beef etc.  Most of the time we see beef rezala . When chefs make beef rezala that time they never give any water that’s why its taste & flavor is totally unique from others. Especially Boys or man like to eat beef Rezala most in a wedding program. (kabab & egg)

Kabab & Egg: Kabab & egg has been given with pulao which is very common in a wedding Program.  There is various types of kabab, like jail kabab ,shami kabab etc. Kabab can be made with chicken or Beef with different masala. Kabab is the first item which has been given in a plate with a boiled egg.

Vegetable: our farmer’s produce various type of vegetables all around the year .so we get different type of vegetables in cheap price.  Usually people cook vegetables in their own way. But in a weeding program we get Chinese vegetable which is very popular among the guests. Elder people like to eat vegetable with pulao. Children don’t like to eat vegetable items. Vegetable is delicious as well as contain lots of vitamin. So we should eat vegetable items as much as we can. (shrimp)

Shrimp:  you can’t find anyone who doesn’t like shrimp. Shrimp is the most popular dish among all type of people. In a wedding program many people offer Shrimp malaikari or fried cingri for the guest.  It is a special item for the groom guests. Normally high class people offer shrimp in their wedding program and this item increases the food status.  In a general wedding normally people don’t make this recipe because its price is so high. Every year our country export shrimp as a dried fish and get lots of foreign currency.

Salad: salad is very beneficial for our health. Some people eat salad for diet. Normally we make salad by Tomato, cucumber, carrot and green chili & mix with one another. Salad is basically a mixture of various cold and hot foods and raw vegetables & fruits. But in a wedding ceremony salad has been made with mayonnaise and other things which is really delicious. Some weeding restaurants also mix fruit with normal salad which increases the taste of salad more. With both heavy & light food, people like to eat salad

.Mutton: Mutton is a meat which looks like beef meat but the taste is different from beef. It is a strongly flavored meat that needs to be marinated to bring out unique taste. Most mutton curries requires slow cooking to retain its moisture, juices and tenderness. In our country, people of each religion offer mutton rezala in their wedding. Sometimes wedding planners & organizers offer mutton meat instead of beef meat to the guest.

Borhani or drinks: In a wedding bride or groom family offer heavy foods. After eating these oily foods we need to take Drinks. So the wedding organizers provide different types of drinks like- pepsi, coke, borhani. lacci etc . It helps to instantly digest our taken Foods and we feel good after drinking it. Most of the guests like to take Borhani because other drinks we get everywhere. Borhani we don’t get everywhere which tastes totally unique from other beverage. One glass of Borhani helps the digestion process after eating heavy oily foods. Normally it has been made with acetic curd, Mustard seeds smash, green chili, cumin and bit salt etc. Borhani is very helpful because it has vitamin B, calcium, potassium etc which keeps our body fit.

Sweet,curd & Jorda: In our country marriage ceremony can’t be imagined without sweet, curd or Jorda .Actually it is our tradition to eat sweet for any good news.  The bride and groom family offer sweet from starting to ending of the ceremony. People like to eat lots of sweet, curd or as much as they can before & after eating. Jorda is our traditional food which has been made by rice and its color is orange. It is also a desert which needs to make carefully. People love to eat it in a wedding program.

Marriage is very happy moment of many people. As Bangladeshi people are renowned for their foods, they try to prepare lots of dishes in their marriage ceremony so that invited guests can eat lots of delicious foods. Most of the dishes are our traditional foods and have unique taste.

written by: jannat kader chowdury




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  1. All Foods are so yummy to look at. And i feel hungry to read the entire article.Thanks to the writer jannat kader Choudhury.💙

  2. i am overwhelmed to read your fabulous post about some delicious item serve in marriage or wedding ceremony.. you have described well one by one.. actually these food our tradition it has been going on since 100 year ago..hopefully new item will come and join with this food

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